There are certain charges relating to the closure on real property that a Buyer may incur. The principal charges include, but may not be limited to:

a. Attorney’s fees
b. Environmental audits
c. Hazard Insurance
d. Prorations as required by contract
e. Re-certification of Abstract
f. Recording of Deed
g. Survey
h. Inspections
i. Title Insurance
j. Condo/Homeowner Association/Management application fee
k. Condo/Homeowner Association membership and/or transfer fee
l. Condo/Homeowner resale transfer fee or capital contribution
m. Pending liens/special assessments

Additional expenses which may be incurred if new or existing mortgage is involved:

a. Appraisal Fee
b. Credit Report
c. Documentary Stamps on Note
d. Lender’s Attorney’s Fees
e. Mortgage Title Insurance premium
f. Prepayment of taxes and insurance for escrow account or purchase of existing mortgage escrow account.
g. Recording fee on mortgage and note
h. Intangible tax on mortgage
i. Service origination fee
j. Transfer fee on existing mortgage

Important: Note that taxes on Homestead properties may reflect an increase to the current tax base as recorded by the Tax Collectors office and may differ from the existing tax bill as reflective of the benefit to the current owner of the 3% Save Our Homes Amendment. You are advised to consult with the Tax Collector or Assessors office.

Allocation of charges may be varied by agreement under the contract of purchase. All Buyers are advised to seek the advice of legal counsel in all real estate transactions.