Port Royal Named Priciest Neighborhood in America

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If you’ve ever driven down Gordon Drive, you’ll know this doesn’t sound far off…

The Robb Report named Port Royal the most expensive neighborhood in the U.S. with the median home price of $8.2 million. To put that into perspective, the median home price of neighborhoods in Silicon Valley are $5.7 million, Malibu Beach are $4.98 million, Aspen are $4.9 million and Palm Island in Miami are $4.8 million. Pretty hefty price tag, right?

According to the report, “The median price we determined is really an entry point for a family trying to get into Port Royal. For a four-bedroom, four-bath waterfront home, you’re easily looking at an asking price north of $8.5 million.”

Take a look at a recent $10,400,000 sale represented by Daane Properties:

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